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We deal with the World’s leading hearing aid manufacturers to ensure the correct hearing aid is supplied to give you high performance. This independence means we are not tied to any single hearing aid manufacturer and can select from the wide range available to give you the best performance and value for money.  
Products we supply
The World’s leading Manufacturers include; AST     Oticon   Siemens     Bruckhoff Bernafon     Starkey GN Resound Phonak Widex       BHM-Tech  
The models we supply are either; Mini behind the ear devices Mini all in the ear devices Spectacle hearing aids All from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers  

The World’s Best Hearing Aids

Fully automatic Adjusts your performance settings in different listening situations.  Suitability:  For the most demanding lifestyles and difficult hearing situations
Lifestyle Guide
Automatically adapts  to changing listening conditions. Suitability: At home, TV, one-to-one conversation, noisy places, small groups, large groups, restaurants
Improved speech clarity  in noisy conditions.  Suitability: TV, one-to-one conversation, noisy places, small groups
Improved background noise reduction For demanding noisy environments. Suitability:  TV, one-to-one conversation noisy places, small groups.
Background noise reduction  For improved comfort when listening in noisy places. Suitability: Use at home, TV, one-to-one conversation
Supplying the Worlds best Hearing aids at more affordable prices